Jan 15, 2019


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All About Licence-Free Radios

What is a licence-free radio?

Licence-free radios, put quite simply, are radio systems that don’t require a licence for use. However, before deciding on purchasing a licence-free radio, you’ve got to be aware of when they should be used and the advantages and disadvantages.

You should consider licence-free radios if you’re working in a smaller area and won’t be needing a large amount of coverage. Licence-free radios usually cover about 1 mile, so if you think you’ll be exceeding this you should probably consider licenced radios. However, if you’re wanting a radio for a leisure activity such as hiking, then a licence-free radio would probably suit you well. These radios would also suit hotel staff and factory workers.

Advantages of a licence-free radio

One of the most attractive features of licence-free radios is their cheap price. So, if you’re not needing a radio for serious work, a licence-free radio is the more cost-effective option. They’re also simple to use, have no call charges/contracts and of course you don’t need a licence! The technology on licence-free radios is constantly evolving, meaning performance and quality is always improving.

Disadvantages of a licence-free radio

As you can probably gather, these radio systems don’t have the same power as licenced radios, meaning they have a lower range. Also, the popularity of these radios means their channels can often be congested. These radios will be unsuitable if they may need to be used in an emergency, as channel usage is on a first-come-first-served basis. So, if you’re working in potentially dangerous situations, a licenced radio would be the better option.

Here at NRC Radio we have a wide range of licence-free radios available for either hire or purchase. Interested? Get in touch with our team of experts today so we can assess your needs and find the best radio for you.