radio lingo

New to walkie-talkies? It can be confusing to try and understand all the radio lingo and common broadcast phrases, however the unique codes we use to communicate via radios is what makes them great. So, here are a few we think will be useful to anyone using radios, no matter the purpose. Simple Walkie-Talkie phrases […]

licence-free radios

What is a licence-free radio? Licence-free radios, put quite simply, are radio systems that don’t require a licence for use. However, before deciding on purchasing a licence-free radio, you’ve got to be aware of when they should be used and the advantages and disadvantages. You should consider licence-free radios if you’re working in a smaller […]

digix horizon

The DigiX radio range is now welcoming a new addition, the DigiX Horizon! This high-spec radio has a sleek design and is rich with quality features. As leading industry experts, we understand the needs of our clients. All our products are designed with you in mind so we can give you the best possible radios […]

future of two-way radios

Analogue radio has been consigned to history, making the future of two-way radios favouring digital systems. Digital Two-way radios have evolved into devices for communication adept at handling a wealth of new applications designed to enhance performance and productivity, such as email gateways, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, SMS and network integration. Some even include touchscreens and […]

Maintaining two way radios radios for shopping centres

Security has always been at the forefront of two-way radio use in shopping centres, but it’s not only about shoplifting, security is about so much more and the new abilities accessible through digital radio technology are being progressively recruited into the battle. Two-way radios are nothing new of course, they’ve been used widely in the […]

Two Way Radio Batteries & Chargers

Almost all chargers have a lighting system which indicates its status when charging a battery. Manufacturers obviously differ in thus, A solid red light might indicate that the battery is sited properly and is charging. Green would mean the charge is complete, But a flashing light may indicate a problem with either the battery or […]