radio licence

Hiring or buying radios for your business is not as simple as you think, you might need to become an authorised user, with a business radio licence. Ultimately this will depend on the kind of radio and your individual circumstances at the time, so here’s a quick guide to simplify things: what licence you need, […]

radio communication

These days almost everyone is, ‘connected’ via a portable device mobile phone etc. with essentially, disorder being the rule of no rules. There is, however, an important exception for and that’s the rules concerning two- way radio communication. An array of businesses and organisations trust heavily on two-way radio communication to carry out their day […]

apple watch

The Apple Watch has released a new upgrade that allows to watches to functions as walkie-talkies. Many in the tech industry are saying the Apple Watch has revolutionised the industry, and have made radios obsolete. While it’s also clear to see these people have no idea what they’re talking about. To show the apple watch […]

hire or buy two-way radio

Two-way digital radio communication is the effort free and effective way to communicate in the work environment, information is shared instantly with decision-making quicker and easier. Worker safety is increased through lone worker functionality, leading to enhanced productivity. It’s important too, to have the correct system for your environment, which is why our hire or […]


Over 96% of (16-24 yr. olds) the UK population own smartphones, so it seems reasonable to assume, that mobile phones are the preeminent choice for critical business communication, well think again. Smartphones dominate public life, so are two-way radios still necessary for business? Choosing two-way radios over mobile phones Irrespective of the device brand, whether […]

5g testbed

The government has celebrated the anniversary of its digital strategy (outlined in the Industrial Strategy green paper to the digital economy) by granting to six projects £25m to help develop future 5G testbed roll-out. The chosen testbeds will be given between £2m and £5m. The digital strategy was launched in March 2017 with the government’s […]