digix horizon

Two-way radio communication has been around for decades. Digital radios have gradually become favourites when compared to analogue radios, but now there’s a new favourite around – PoC. What is PoC? PoC stands for push-to-talk over cellular, and means exactly that. These aren’t particularly new models, but the recent developments in wireless connections and 4G […]

IP ratings

An Ingress Protection (IP) rating is an international rating which tells people how well electrical devices, such as two-way radios, are protected from solids and liquids. So, if you’re thinking of buying two-way radios, IP ratings should definitely be considered. Of course, this all depends on your reason for using two-way radios and the industry […]

what is PoC?

Two-way radios have always been a great form of reliable instant communication, but the world of communication is always evolving, which is why we now have PoC. What is PoC? PoC stands for push to talk over cellular, and means exactly that. PoC is an application that can be installed onto mobile devices, allowing them […]

radio lingo

New to walkie-talkies? It can be confusing to try and understand all the radio lingo and common broadcast phrases, however the unique codes we use to communicate via radios is what makes them great. So, here are a few we think will be useful to anyone using radios, no matter the purpose. Simple Walkie-Talkie phrases […]

licence-free radios

What is a licence-free radio? Licence-free radios, put quite simply, are radio systems that don’t require a licence for use. However, before deciding on purchasing a licence-free radio, you’ve got to be aware of when they should be used and the advantages and disadvantages. You should consider licence-free radios if you’re working in a smaller […]