Aug 07, 2018


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Cheap Motorola and Hytera Radio Hire Liverpool Wirral and Chester

At NRC Communications, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise, when it comes to offering short-term radio solutions that are just the thing for temporary, long-term or even bespoke event hire. Presently, we offer cheap Motorola and Hytera radio hire in Liverpool, Wirral and Chester.

At present, we offer a range of rugged vehicle and pocket-sized radios from Motorola and Hytera in both our analogue and digital range.
This variability means that we can tailor a solution to meet all your two-way radio hire requirements. The Motorola and Hytera radios are easy to use and incredibly effective in demanding conditions and can provide sufficient radio hire answers to satisfy: lone workers, big groups and team services.

What makes NRC the market leader in the North West, is our attention to detail in field-craft and our unparalleled promise in providing a thorough service.
Not only do we offer inexpensive radio hire in Liverpool, Wirral and Chester (as well as other parts of the country) but we can also cater for additional support and licensing packages, from the administration of OFCOM radio licensing, system design and installation for two-way and event radio, and on-going support and maintenance contracts.
Thanks to our skilled engineers and committed customer service teams, at NRC we have someone that can customise systems and solutions that suit your particular requirements, regardless of their complexity.
We have worked with a diverse range of range of customers as well as many successful events and projects; Liverpool cathedral, events organisers, retailers, healthcare providers, facilities management companies, schools and colleges. Which means, any Motorola or Hytera radio services you need, we provide a reliable, friendly and professional answer for your needs.

Talk to us about your needs so we can offer our expert help, advice and guidance, discuss our portfolio, and discover our complementary services.

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