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About Digital Radios

Digital two-way radios are the next generation of PMR communication and are made for businesses who demand the highest quality telecommunications available.

Features of Digital Radio

  • Crisp clearer audio than analogue two-way radios
  • 40% longer battery life
  • One to One calls or calls to groups
  • Remote disable and remote radio monitoring for security and safety
  • Emergency call for assistance to remote or lone workers
  • Text Messaging (on Keypad models)
  • Noise reduction

NRC Radios have vast experience in the construction and employment of both regional and urban scale digital radio systems for communication and security purposes, as well as the ability to supply and install communications and safety equipment.

Our integrated solutions can provide you with improvements to the efficiency of your business, help lower costs, and become more flexible, all with the assurance of making a long-term investment in your digital radio business.

NRC’s integrated communications systems, including digital trunking and control, is based on our own brand or leading manufacturer technology, such as Kenwood, Hytera and Digix  with integrated access and security control.

Our highly trained, qualified digital radio specialists will develop an optimum business scheme which incorporates into existing communications systems not just for today but into the future.

NRC Radios are distributors of digital radio telecommunications equipment and our services cover all regions in the UK, which allows us to resolve any issues in the design, construction and installation of equipment across the country. It also makes certain that any hardware warranty and repairs are supported either remotely or on the ground, through technical support by our expert, trained engineers. This allows them to carry out repairs promptly or offer temporary replacements of equipment that may become faulty.

NRC provides a range of digital radio communications solutions, from the simplest devices to whole integrated systems. Want more information? Get in touch with us here.

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