Jan 09, 2019


Categories: Radio

DigiX Horizon Out Now!

The DigiX radio range is now welcoming a new addition, the DigiX Horizon! This high-spec radio has a sleek design and is rich with quality features.

As leading industry experts, we understand the needs of our clients. All our products are designed with you in mind so we can give you the best possible radios at affordable prices. Keep reading to find out all about the DigiX Horizon!

Smart Features:

Android-Based Mobile Terminal

Works like a two-way radio but smarter

Allows Push-To-Talk Seamless Communications

Across a broad spectrum of users and carriers

Nationwide Cellular Data Network Coverage

Operates on cellular data card

Users status and GPS position location

Crystal Clear Digital Voice

Temporary group creation

Pictures and video upload

Text messaging

GPS tracking

Call Control

Emergency button – send out a distress call to Dispatch Console
Device enabled/disabled remotely
Allows authorized user to interrupt conversations during an emergency or to deliver critical communication

Call Management

Group call – communicate one-to-many

Private call – to call and talk privately with a specific user

Priority call – appoint priority enabled individual

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