Nov 16, 2018


Categories: Radio

New Product Alert – DigiX Nano & DigiX Nano Display Available Now!

The DigiX radio range is still growing, we’re now welcoming the DigiX Nano and the DigiX Nano Display to the family! They may be small in size, but don’t be fooled – these radios are bursting with features.

As leading industry experts, we understand the needs of our clients. All our products are designed with you in mind so we can give you the best possible radios at affordable prices. Keep reading to find out all about our latest products!

DigiX Nano

The NRC DigiX Nano is arguably one of our most compact radio systems, making it a joy to use. This radio allows you to record for 200 hours, make group & private calls and remote monitoring. Its battery save mode means you can stay connected for hours without worrying about having to recharge.

The DigiX Nano is available for both hire and purchase. Find out more about the product here.

DigiX Nano Display

The DigiX Nano Display offers all the same great features as the DigiX Nano, except it has a LED Dot Matrix Display and a small keypad. If your daily operations would be made easier by a radio with a screen, this is the one for you. It’s just as compact in size and also offers call alerts, low power icon prompting and supported voice prompt for switching channels.

This radio is also available for purchase and hire. Interested in the DigiX Nano Display? Find out more of the amazing features our radio offers here.

Here at NRC, we’re constantly striving to make each radio system better than the last, which is why we think you’ll love our new range.

Intrigued by what other radios we offer? We’re confident that we’ll have the perfect radio for you. Explore the rest of our DigiX range here!