Feb 04, 2019


Categories: Radio

Four Reasons Why Your Warehouse Needs Two-Way Radios

Needing efficient, worry-free communication? Two-way radios are going to be your best bet. Being both cheaper and more reliable than mobile phones, it’s no surprise that two-way radios are used in a variety of different industries, including warehouses. Haven’t invested in two way-radios for your warehouse yet? Here’s some good reasons why you should.

  1. Fast Communication with multiple users

While mobiles typically only enable one-to-one communication, two-way radios allow users to communicate to a specific group of people. This is great for managers to easily get in touch with certain teams.

  1. Reliable Signal

Mobile phone signal can be very temperamental and isn’t always guaranteed. As radio signals don’t rely on phone towers, they’re definitely a more dependable solution for quick communication.

  1. Sturdy Build

Mobile phones are quite delicate and can be broken easily. Most, if not all, radios come with a robust design, with many models being waterproof and dustproof. They also have a much longer battery life than mobile phones, great for workers on long shifts with no time to re-charge.

  1. New and Evolving Technology

The latest walkie-talkie radios have technological features, making them extremely useful in warehouse environments. For example, GPS tracking allows managers to simply track staff members, as well as lone worker functions to keep lone workers safe. Some radios even allow you to operate security cameras remotely.

Theses are just some reasons why your warehouse needs two-way radios. Unsure on what model to go for? Our team can help you decide. Get in touch here today for any assistance.