Jun 11, 2018


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Choosing Whether to Hire or Buy Two-Way Radios For your Workplace

Two-way digital radio communication is the effort free and effective way to communicate in the work environment, information is shared instantly with decision-making quicker and easier.

Worker safety is increased through lone worker functionality, leading to enhanced productivity. It’s important too, to have the correct system for your environment, which is why our hire or buy two-way digital radio range, offers both practical and resilient communication set-ups, suitable for construction work, to stylish, chic radios for the office.

Hire or Buy

Before you make the decision on whether to hire or buy a radio communication system for your business, you have to look at your overall business objectives.

For instance, are you looking for a radio solution that has the ability to adapt and grow with your business or need to take into account seasonal or changing operational circumstances or are you searching for a system that fits with your current one?

Regardless of which you choose, here’s a list of some of the things you need to take into account:

  • cost-effectiveness as defined by your needs and strategy
  • the importance of having the most up-to-date equipment
  • 24/7 support
  • Call out engineers
  • If you don’t have capital outlay
  • If a fixed monthly fee is better for your cash flow

Functionality or Suitability

Once you’ve decided whether to hire or buy, you now have the difficult decision on what radio solution is right for your business needs.

NRC offer bespoke systems to buy or hire for a variety of different organisation types, from construction and facilities management, healthcare and education to military and security options.

Each sector has different wants and needs and identifying what model or system comes down to knowing your needs and budget.

If you’d like simple advice on which radio is best for you, please contact a member of our team today. We can help find the two-way radio system that’s right for your business.