Aug 29, 2019


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How digital radios can help your stadium events run smoothly

Fans flock to stadiums in their thousands to see their favourite performer or sports team. It’s a difficult job trying to ensure the safety and well-being of these thousands and excited fans and making sure the event runs smoothly. To do this effectively, communication is key. This is where digital two-way radios can help. They provide instant, clear communication to other members of your team, no matter where you are in the stadium.

Digital two-way radios have a range of incredibly useful features which can be incredibly useful for staff at stadium events.

Instant communication

Two-way radios fitted with PTT technology ensure that you can communicate with other radio users at the simple push of a button. Many also offer one-to-many and group calling options so you can quickly broadcast a message to numerous members, or your whole team all at once. Instant communication is vital in instances where a safety issue could arise. If something happens and back up is needed one member of staff can quickly call for another to help.


Stadium events are loud and hectic. Fans cheering and screaming, music playing and announcements being made mean it is extremely difficult to hear others. Two-way radios can come with noise-cancelling accessories such as headphones which will allow staff to communicate with one another clearly and easily no matter how noisy the environment around them.

GPS tracking and remote monitoring

Digital radio systems can receive data from GPS satellites therefore, you and your staff can track where each other are at an event. Many of our digital devices are fitted with remote monitoring so you can see where staff are, assign them tasks and track what they do. Being able to see where staff are is a huge advantage as you can always ensure that resources are where they are needed most, and if an emergency arises, you can send extra people to that location.

Increased Security

Our digital radios are encrypted to allow for secure communication. This allows staff to communicate without anyone else listening in to their conversations, if someone was listening this could compromise the security of the event. Our radios are also fitted with a kill/revive function, this means if they are lost or stolen the device can be deactivated to ensure no outside parties are listening to your conversation. This is especially important in recent times due to heightened security after previous stadium attacks.

Long battery life

Digital radios have a longer battery life than analogue radios and mobile phones. Our digital radios have phenomenal battery life, many lasting on average around 14 hours. The DigiX Nano even comes with a special battery saver mode, fast charger and has a low battery voice prompt so you know when the battery is running low. Long battery life is important as you do not want radios switching off mid-event as this could be disastrous if a safety or medical issue arose.

Robust design

Our digital radios are all strong and robustly made which is important in stadium events as there are often large crowds staff have to move through and they can be stood outside in harsh weather conditions. The radios can be subject to a lot of wear and tear at these events and so the stronger and more resistant they are the better. Our radios have high IP ratings against dust and water. The DigiA has a rating of IP67, meaning it’s pretty much impervious to water and dust.

Digital two-way radios have so many features which make them perfect for use in Stadium Events. If you are interested in buying or hiring two-way radios for your stadium contact us today.