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With over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience in two-way radio products, it’s no surprise that Icom radios are often the first choice in a wide range of industries. Over the years Icom radios have gained a quality reputation for their innovative designs and brilliant performance. So, what products do Icom offer and why are they so loved by companies all over the world?

Two Way Radios

Icom radios have a huge range of two-way systems such as licence-free, handheld, mobile and repeaters. Whatever your requirements, you can pretty much guarantee that Icom will have a radio right for you. Many radios have a waterproof and dustproof construction with a built-in GPS receiver. They also have Man Down and lone worker functions to help keep you and any other employees as safe as possible. Two-way radios are available in both analogue and digital options.

Icom Radios also pride themselves on their long battery life, with most handheld radios having around 13 hours of operating time.

All Icom Radios digital repeaters are designed for serious business use, offering a dedicated control channel and provide a large number of channels per site. The number of channels per site averages at around 32 but there can be more if required.

Icom Radios have played a vital role in:

  • Security firms
  • Hospitality services
  • Retail businesses
  • Health industry
  • Rescue services
  • Entertainment industries

Icom Radios at NRC

Here at NRC, we offer a wide range of Icom radio systems, so you can be certain we’ll have the one right for your business requirements. We have provided a wide range of industries all over the UK with radio systems for thirty years now, giving us a large amount of expertise on all radio systems that we supply. If you need help with choosing the right radio system, just get in touch with us here! Are you wanting to invest in some Icom radios? Explore our range here.

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