Oct 04, 2018


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Maintaining your two way radios

Maintaining two-way radios, why is it so important?

Two-way radio sets are some of the most rugged and hard-wearing communication systems around and built specifically for tough conditions, so ensuring your two-way radio will last as long as possible NRC has provided you with some handy tips.

Common Sense

Carry the radio by the body and not the antenna to avoid damaging transmission quality.

Don’t use batteries or fixtures that aren’t intended for the radio you’re using.

To help avoid damage always turn off the radio before connecting any accessories.

Unless your radios are intrinsically safe and designed for specific conditions (see our blog on IP ratings) don’t expose your set to extreme temperatures, water, dust or hazardous materials.


Only charge a battery when it has run out completely.

Turn the radio off while charging to shorten charge time.

Don’t leave it on charge for too long after it reaches 100%.

If a battery runs out faster than it used to, it’s often an indicator that it needs replacing.

Li-ion batteries usually need replacing every 300-500 charge cycles, about every 2-3 years.


Ensure the radio is turned off prior to cleaning.

If your two-way radio gets exposed to grime or soil, wipe it down with a damp micro-fibre cloth.

Do not use industrial cleaners, especially those with alcohol, as this can cause damage.


Keep all two-way radio sets out of direct sunlight and in a clean, dry, cool place.

Remove the battery when not in use.

NRC’s professional, qualified service and repair team will look after your radios, accessories and parts to ensure your equipment is working efficiently at all times. We can tailor a package to cater for your individual needs.

If you would like any further information on maintaining two way radios, contact us to discuss your servicing requirements in more detail here