Oct 21, 2018


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Motorola Two Way Radios

Two-way Motorola radio provides organisations, with immediate PTT individual and group comms over a national LTE mobile network. Providing radio, mobile service, and software, it is perfect for firms with a geographically distributed workforce.

The main benefits of Motorola two-radio


One of the many advantages of digital radios, is increased range when compared with analogue two-way radios. If your processes need to be synchronised across vast distances, or a variety of devices, Motorola technology is the answer.


The fantastic thing about digital two-way radios is they are exposed to demanding testing in the knowledge that they will be utilised in tough environments. Not like smartphones, which are much more likely to end up smashed.


Two-way radios are designed to provide immediate communication, and these days many have a battery life of between 15 and 24 hours. This isn’t the case typically with mobile phones.


If your staff are using mobile phones to connect for work purposes, you may also have experienced a lessening in productivity owing to texting and internet surfing. Digital two way radios like the Motorola WAVE TLK 100 have no screen, which means drivers and travelling staff communicate for work, and work alone.


If your business has staff ‘out in the field’, making deliveries or on site, Motorola sets have the option of location tracking to pinpoint where a delivery is at any given moment or with the use of a dead man’s switch awareness of an emergency situation too.


As with everything, there is the question of finance. The strong argument for two-way radios is that you save on monthly fees and are not tied into annual contracts.

If you think a Motorola two-way radio set might be just the solution for you, click here for plans and pricing or call NRC for more info.