Mar 18, 2019


Categories: Radio

PoC Radios Vs analogue and Digital

Two-way radio communication has been around for decades. Digital radios have gradually become favourites when compared to analogue radios, but now there’s a new favourite around – PoC.

What is PoC?

PoC stands for push-to-talk over cellular, and means exactly that. These aren’t particularly new models, but the recent developments in wireless connections and 4G means they’re more sought-after than ever. These radios are a great option for many businesses as they offer instant communication across a cellular network, meaning there’s no need for any radio licensing, result!

Not only do you eliminate the need for a license, but you can also say goodbye to repeaters, IP networks, or any other expensive extras you may need with traditional analogue and digital radios. PoC radios can operate on closed cellular networks set up by your business and communicate using a speedy 4G connection. Where this isn’t available, it will fall back on a 3G network.

Also, the fact that the radios operate on a closed, private network offers an extra sense of security when dealing with private or group calls.

While many people can be skeptical about switching from traditional methods, those who have adopted PoC have found the radios to be very robust and find them very simple to use.

Benefits of PoC Radios:

  • No license required
  • No need to purchase repeaters or additional equipment
  • Operate on a closed cellular network
  • Closed network means extra security when dealing with sensitive messages
  • Improved flexibility
  • Simple to use

DigiX Horizon

Thinking of getting PoC radios for your business? We’ve launched our very own – the DigiX Horizon! The DigiX Horizon operates on an Android Smartphone platform and offers Nationwide Cellular Data Network Coverage. This has all the familiar features of a two-way radio, but works even smarter. Some of the great features from the DigiX Horizon include:

  • Push-to-talk instantaneous voice transmission
  • Temporary group creation
  • Pictures and video upload
  • Text messaging
  • Private & group calls
  • Emergency button
  • Front and rear cameras
  • GPS + GLONASS dual position navigation
  • IP68 protection (highest possible rating)
  • 8” touch screen

If you are looking to upgrade to the latest Radio Technology. Call our dedicated team, who can guide you through the benefits of POC/PTT Radios, especially the new DigiX Horizon.