Radio Lingo

New to walkie-talkies? It can be confusing to try and understand all the radio lingo and common broadcast phrases, however the unique codes we use to communicate via radios is what makes them great. So, here are a few we think will be useful to anyone using radios, no matter the purpose.

Simple Walkie-Talkie phrases

These are some more commonly known phrases that you’ll most likely be familiar with.

Do you copy? – Can you hear me?

Affirmative.  – Yes.

Negative – No.

Roger that.  – I understand.

Key Radio Lingo & Codes

While it may be hard at first to wrap your head around all the different codes and their meanings, these can actually be used to keep people safe. In situations where quick communication is needed, these can be life-saving.

  • 10-1. Receiving poorly
  • 10-2. Receiving well
  • 10-3. Stop transmitting
  • 10-4. Message received
  • 10-5. Relay message
  • 10-6. Busy, please stand by
  • 10-7. Out of service, leaving the air
  • 10-8. In service, subject to call
  • 10-9. Repeat message
  • 10-10. Transmission completed, standing by
  • 10-11. Talking too rapidly
  • 10-12. Visitors present
  • 10-13. Advise Weather/Road conditions
  • 10-16. Make pick up at ___
  • 10-17. Urgent business
  • 10-18. Anything for us?
  • 10-19. Nothing for you, return to base
  • 10-20. My location is _____


This is just a small selection of the key radio codes, there’s another 81 of these! Before you dive in at the deep end and try to remember all of them, try familiarising yourself with a few and get comfortable using them. Sure, you can just talk normally using your radio, but in situations where a fast response is needed or perhaps you can only give short answers, radio codes can be a really useful tool and help you get the most out of your walkie-talkie.

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