Sep 04, 2019


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Radio use for Facilities Management

Facility managers are responsible for ensuring that buildings and their services meet the needs of the people working inside them. This can include cleaning, security, parking and maintenance staff. They can be in charge of one or many sites such as hospitals, office buildings, schools, universities or ever festival sites. The larger the site the more important effective communication is.

Large site organisations often rely on individual teams within the facilities management operation to deal with day to day issues like maintenance and repairs, cleaning, and security officers keeping an eye out for threats. These teams all need to be able to collaborate with one another and co-ordinate their operations site wide. For example, if a pipe bursts one team may have originally investigated it who then need to quickly contact the engineers to get it fixed and the cleaners to clean up the mess.

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Two-way radios are a great asset to those in facilities management positions. They allow for instant communication between team members which is especially useful if you work across multiple sites or large multi-floored buildings. By using radios facility managers can collaborate with and co-ordinate staff at the simple press of a button, anywhere on site. They allow for smooth running of operations, increase site safety and reduce costs whilst increasing overall productivity.

Managers can also use radio devices to assign tasks to different members of staff, track exactly where they are and direct them to where they need to go. If an issue arises, a manager could see who is the closest to it and send that person to deal with the issue. For example, if there is a large spill or mess that needs cleaning on a certain floor, then a manager could instantly inform the nearest cleaners what the issue is, where it is and what will be needed to clean it up.

Radio communications are far more reliable and cost-effective than using regular mobile phones. PTT devices offer instant communication at the push of a button, so you don’t need to waste time dialling. They also have not just one-to-one calling but one-to-many and group calling functions. This allows you to communicate with different groups of people or your whole team at the same time, again just at the push of a button. Radios are also far more robust than mobile phones, and most are both dust and waterproof so can be used in a variety of different conditions and are less likely to break from everyday use. Facilities management workers often have to work in a range of different conditions both outside and indoors and are constantly on the move so having hard-wearing devices that can be used to contact multiple people at once are a necessity.

Two-way radios also offer a range of other useful features for facilities management. They allow for lone worker protection, so they always have a way of contacting someone if something happens whilst they’re alone. For example, building security may be there alone overnight and if something happens to them, they can trigger an alarm to let others know they are in danger. Maintenance staff often work in buildings and on sites whilst nobody is in them fixing issues like heating, plumbing or doing building work as well as cleaners who come in before staff start or after staff have gone home. Having a radio for instant communication ensures their safety.

DigiX offer a range of products that would be great for use in facilities management, and many of our devices offer all the major needs workers in this industry would need. Here are a few devices that we think are perfect for this line of work.

haloThe DigiX Halo is an easy to use and extremely sturdy PMR. With an IP54 rating it is resistant to a large amount of damage that could come from water and dust. It can work on both digital and analogue and can provide up to 16 hours of use. It has a range of features that make it perfect for facilities management such as remote monitoring to keep staff organised and safe, a large contact memory and an emergency alarm feature.

neoThe DigiX Neo PMR is well equipped for use outside and in adverse conditions, with an IP67 rating making it completely dustproof and extremely water resistant. With features to keep your team safe like an emergency alarm, recording and remote monitoring. The Neo is a reliable and robust option.

nanoThe DigiX Nano is a state of the are PMR which is compact and lightweight, perfect for facilities management workers who are always on the go. It offers multiple call functions including private calling, group calling or call all options. With remote monitoring you can set staff tasks and keep them organised no matter where they are on site due to the Nano’s long range.

If you are looking to get some PTT, PoC or PMR devices for your workplace, contact us today and we will be happy to discuss which option is the best for you based on your wants and needs.