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With instant, clear communication, it goes without saying how important radios for security are. Two-way radios and additional accessories such as earpieces are essential tools of the job when it comes to security. With situations often being serious and, in some cases, dangerous, reliable communication is a must.

Radio communications have evolved over the years, with digital radio options being used much more than traditional analogue walkie-talkies. The boost in operational range and network capacity has boosted the running of security operations in every sense.

Management teams are now able to instantly communicate with specific security teams to provide quick information when it’s needed most. Built-in monitoring software also helps to keep staff safe, such as lone worker and man down alerts.

Here at NRC, we understand that radios for security massively help prevent shoplifting and anti-social behaviour. As a vital key in the running of security operations, it’s important you choose one with the right specifications.  Depending on what system you decide on, some benefits you can expect include:

Long Battery Life – We know that security staff can often work all through the night, meaning a long battery life is a necessity. Many of our radios have a battery life that can last an entire day.

Clear audio – If you choose one of our digital radios, you can be certain there’ll be no reduced audio quality, even in noisy environments.

Large Coverage – If you’re using radios for security across a large site, you’re going to need good coverage. Our licenced digital radios provide clear audio over wide site areas.

Location Tracking – Many of our radios come with location tracking, a great tool for helping keep your security staff safe; as well as checking where team members are.

We have a wide range of two-way radios perfect for those working in security. For more information on any of our products get in touch, or explore our radio range here!

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