Radios for Shopping Centres

Security has always been at the forefront of two-way radio use in shopping centres, but it’s not only about shoplifting, security is about so much more and the new abilities accessible through digital radio technology are being progressively recruited into the battle.

Two-way radios are nothing new of course, they’ve been used widely in the retail sector for decades. Radios for shopping centres provide effective, instant communication between; storerooms, warehouses, offices, staff, loss prevention units, security personnel, operations, FM (facilities management) CCTV control rooms and the emergency services.

And as technology has changed, so have the functions radio can be put to.

Among the functions now available are such things as:

  • radio-frequency identification (RFID)
  • guard patrol
  • location-based services
  • hands free
  • covert communication
  • job tasking
  • group calling
  • dead man’s switch

Two-way radios increase productivity and profits

Communications in single outlets, retail and department stores, not mention shopping centres needs a reliable and cost effective management solution.

Two-way radio systems are flexible enough to work in small single units or, with the use of digital repeaters placed strategically, coverage can be expanded to cover much larger areas. With immediate communication now available between staff, security operatives, various levels and floors as well as warehouses, business efficiency and thus profitability is improved.

And remember, with two-way radios, there is no per minute call charge.

Clear and secure communications

Effective communication, especially in emergencies is paramount, and the exceptional clarity of the audio keeps communication standards at a level you would expect and not available to mobile phones because of the differences in frequency use and allows users to hear and speak clearly whatever their location or situation. A radio’s background noise suppression, sifts out external sounds, even across larger sites.

All of which, can give your customers the retail experience they desire in a safe and secure environment.

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