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At NRC we have been delivering custom two way radio solutions for more than 30 years, helping professionals in the construction industry to coordinate personnel and services and deliver projects safely, on time and within budget.

The Power Tool of Communication

Two way radio is the best power tool for safety, job coordination and productivity. Whatever the size of the site and the complexity of the project, the correct two way communications solution makes a big difference to the time and costs involved in bringing a project to completion.

Two way radio communications can assist with:

  • Live and instant communication
  • Ground to crane communications
  • Personnel and supplies coordination
  • Perimeter security
  • Emergency and incident management
  • Meeting stringent Health & Safety requirements
Radio in construction

Feature Highlights

The most important tool for keeping everyone safe on a construction site is good communication. Two way radio offers instant communication at the touch of a button and includes built-in emergency features such as man down and lone worker as well as a number indispensable features.


Extended battery life

Up to 30 hours battery life from a single charge.

Reliable coverage

Instant communication with uninterrupted signal coverage however large the site.

Durable and robust

Tough enough to withstand harsh outdoor environments and the effects of dust, dirt, rain, knocks and water immersion.

Lone worker

Automatically raise an emergency alarm if the inactivity timer is exceeded.

Man down

Automatically send an emergency call when a worker is injured or falls unconscious.

GPS location tracking

Pinpoint employee locations using GPS enabled radios.
We make two way radio simple and easy!

Don’t be put off by thinking that your two way radio hire or buy will be expensive. NRC will offer a tailored two way radio solution that is suited to your requirements and your budget.

Best Two Way Radios for Construction

The DigiX Sun and Sea two way radios are ideal for those users that require communications for a smaller construction site. They are licence-free and ready to use straight from the box. Our DigiX Neo, Halo and Link high power, two way radios are highly recommended for larger construction sites.

Why choose NRC Radio?

At NRC, you don’t just get a product. You get professional grade, industry standard equipment with unbeatable client support and a hands-on tangible service. If a radio goes down, we will be there to sort the problem and get you back up and running again so that you can deliver your project on time.


Dedicated Account Manager

Your point of contact will be a specialist in two way radios for construction.

Purchase or Hire

Only need a radio short term? Many of our radios have hire or purchase options.

Value for Money

Industry leading products at competitive rates.

Ofcom License

Our friendly experienced team can assist with Ofcom license applications.

What our clients have to say

Keyline is the largest supplier of Civils, Drainage and Heavy Building materials in the UK and as such it is imperative that we use only professional equipment when it comes to our infrastructure projects, be they in the housing, commercial, utilities, or Geotechnics arenas. As such, we use NRC’s DigiA, Acoustic Tube with 1 line push-to-talk button, perfect for noisy environments; if it’s good enough for the police, and the military, it’s good enough for Keyline too.

David Ganley, Branch Manager

If you wish to discuss your two-way communications requirement further and want to find out how we can help then please get in touch.

Paula Boyd
National Account Manager

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