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In a sector where every second counts and there is constant pressure to maximise efficiency whilst reducing costs, NRC is the two way radio expert that can help you with a reliable and dependable communications solution.

Lives Depend On Effective Communication

A dependable two way radio solution is critical for hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries and other healthcare facilities that want to provide optimal safety and security for patients, staff and visitors.

Two way radio communications can assist with:

    • Accountability and productivity
    • Health and safety
    • Incident reporting and management
    • Fast response times and clear communication
    • Crisis prevention and management
    • Industry compliance
Paramedic in ambulance talking on radio with surgical mask for safety and protection during COVID-19

Feature Highlights

Most hospitals and healthcare facilities are familiar with a basic two way radio but our DigiX two way radio range can be equipped with numerous additional features to bring every team member and department together, no matter where they are – offering cost savings through a single solution.


Panic alarm

Call for help and be located quickly in an emergency

Secure communication

Securely transmit confidential patient information

Lone worker

Automatically raise an emergency alarm if the inactivity timer is exceeded.

Total integration

Connect with PCs and smartphones as well as fire, intrusion, panic and HVAC alarms

Clear audio

Filter out background noise for clearer communications

Reliable coverage

Instant communication with uninterrupted signal coverage even in hard to reach areas, such as basements.
We make two way radio simple and easy!

Don’t be put off by thinking that your two way radio hire or buy will be expensive. NRC will offer a tailored two way radio solution that is suited to your requirements and your budget.

Best Two Way Radios for Healthcare

Our DigiX Neo, Halo and Link two way radios are ideal for use in healthcare. Each one comes with all the functionality you would expect from an industry-leading radio and are available to hire or purchase at an affordable price.

Why choose NRC Radio?

At NRC, you don’t just get a product. You get professional grade, industry standard equipment with unbeatable client support and a hands-on tangible service. If a radio goes down, we will be there to sort the problem and get you back up and running again.


Dedicated Account Manager

Your point of contact will be a specialist in two way radios for healthcare.

Purchase or Hire

Only need a radio short term? Many of our radios have hire or purchase options.

Value for Money

Industry leading products at competitive rates.

Ofcom License

Our friendly experienced team can assist with Ofcom license applications.

What our clients have to say

I would like to thank you for the excellent service we received. Two hours after you left, we had made up our minds on wanting the radios you provide. We chose to purchase 10 DigiX radios. The clarity and reception is excellent as well as the range. They are far superior to any radio we have had before.

Lisa Holden

If you wish to discuss your two-way communications requirement further and want to find out how we can help then please get in touch.

Paul Kenealy
Managing Director

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