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NRC has more than 30 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying professional grade two way radio solutions, helping transport and logistics businesses to streamline operations and control costs.

The Road to Effective Communication

Whether it is people or assets being transported, businesses in the transport and logistics sector must meet strict deadline and delivery demands. Meeting those demands requires reliable and clear communication throughout the supply chain, from the warehouse through to the point of delivery.

Two way radio communications can provide a reliable, fast and effective way to:

  • Meet deadline and delivery demands
  • Assist with the movement of people or assets
  • Ensure worker safety
  • Locate staff and vehicles
  • Connect the supply chain
  • Protect drivers
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Feature Highlights

When you connect every worker in the supply chain, you can get business done efficiently and quickly. Our DigiX radios can be customised to fit your operations and workflows and further streamline your operations.


Easy to use

A Push To Talk radio is easy to use and means drivers can focus on the road ahead

Reliable coverage

Instant communication with uninterrupted signal coverage across large areas

Extended battery life

Up to 30 hours battery life from a single charge

Lone worker

Automatically raise an emergency alarm if the inactivity timer is exceeded

Man down

Automatically send an emergency call when a worker is injured or falls unconscious

GPS location tracking

Pinpoint staff and vehicle locations using GPS enabled radios
We make two way radio simple and easy!

Don’t be put off by thinking that your two way radio hire or buy will be expensive. NRC will offer a tailored two way radio solution that is suited to your requirements and your budget.

Best Two Way Radios for Transport

Our DigiX Horizon and the Sky200 are ideal for use in the transport sector. Each one comes with all the functionality you would expect from an industry-leading radio and are available to hire or purchase at an affordable price.

Why choose NRC Radio?

We know that reliable two way radios are absolutely essential for schools to create a positive learning environment which is safe and secure for staff, pupils and visitors and we take the time to understand your exact requirements so that we can provide you with a bespoke solution, not a one size fits all out of the box system.


Dedicated Account Manager

Your point of contact will be a specialist in two way radios for transport.

Purchase or Hire

Only need a radio short term? Many of our radios have hire or purchase options.

Value for Money

Industry leading products at competitive rates.

Ofcom License

Our friendly experienced team can assist with Ofcom license applications.

What our clients have to say

The clarity and reception on our digital radios from NRC is in a completely different league to anything we have experienced before. We have yet to find an area on campus where the signal does not work 100%. I would have no hesitation in recommending NRC to any organisation looking to improve their mobile radio communications.

Tony Monument, Head of Security at Bangor University

If you wish to discuss your two-way communications requirement further and want to find out how we can help then please get in touch.

Paul Kenealy
Managing Director

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