Feb 18, 2019


Categories: Radio

Two-way radio mistakes you want to avoid

Many people dive straight into two-way radios without fully researching and understanding them. Here are some common two-way radio mistakes and pitfalls you may want to look out for.

Talking too quickly

Of course, in stressful situations and emergencies you’re going to talk faster than you normally would, but this often causes more harm than good. If you’re rushing to get information over to someone the chances are, they’re not going to understand you first time, resulting in it taking longer to get the message over. Make sure you speak clearly and slow enough so your message can be fully understood first time.

Interrupting Conversations

Interrupting a conversation is only going to confuse everyone trying to communicate and cause a bigger hassle than necessary. Always wait until people have finished their conversation before transmitting your message (unless in an emergency situation).

Buying the wrong model radio

There’s a variety of different radios available out there; some with sleek designs and others created for heavy-duty purposes. Be sure to research different radio models so you know you’re getting the right one for your requirements. If you need help on deciding on a model for your team, we’re happy to help out.

Not Training Employees

Of course, it’s not very difficult to operate two-way radios, but taking the time to train your employees will make operations run much smoother. It also gives you peace of mind that everyone’s on the same page when it comes to properly using their two-way radio.

Not storing your radios appropriately

To keep your radios lasting and working properly, it’s important that you store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and damp conditions.

These are just a few common two-way radio mistakes to look out for. For more information on any of our radios get in touch with our team here.