Nov 27, 2019


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Two-way Radios in the Farming and Agricultural Industry

NRC supplies a wide range of two-way radio equipment to a variety of different industries. We stock many radios which are perfect for using in the farming and agricultural industries which we will list below alongside the answers to some frequently asked questions about two-way radios in the farming and agricultural industries.


The most frequently asked question regarding two way radios is if they need a licence to work. To put it simply the answer is yes, two-way radios for business use do require a licence. Your basic licence will cost around £75 for five years and we can apply for this for you, on your behalf.


Many people in the farming and agricultural sectors ask what range they can expect from two-way radios. This is dependent on the kind of terrain you use your radios in. A standard “back-to-back” radio set up will provide between five to eight miles of coverage. This can be increased by installing a repeater system.

Repeaters/Base stations

Two-way radios do not require a base of repeater as they can be used on a radio to radio basis. If you want a wider coverage however, you can get a repeater base station that can increase your range to around 15 miles.

Speaking to other contractors or farms

With two-way radios it is also possible to speak to other contractors or other local farms. This can be done by setting up a simple multi-channel set-up where you can use the first half of your channels to communicate on site and the other half to speak to contractors or other local farms. All we would need is their frequency information if they have their own existing radios.

Digital Two-Way Radios

Digital radios have a range of great features such as clearer voice transmissions and increased coverage. They also have the ability to work in analogue mode so if you currently have an analogue radio system you can upgrade slowly making the cost much easier to manage, simply purchase digital radios and use them in analogue mode.

DigiX – DMR Portable Radio

DigiX DMR portable radioThe DigiX DMR Portable radio is a sturdy, robust and reliable two-way radio. With an impressive IP67 rating it is virtually impervious to dust and water. Easy to use with a long battery life and the ability to work in both analogue and digital this radio is ideal for farming and agricultural workers. It’s range of features include:

  • Dual modes – analogue and digital
  • Private, group and all call options in digital mode
  • Hands Free VOX
  • Up to 32 channels
  • Text messaging in digital mode
  • Kill/revive function
  • Remote monitoring to track your team’s locations and allocate them tasks
  • Voice encryption
  • 2-year warranty

Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) radio

Push to talk over cellular uses mobile phone networks to make two-way radio like calls with instant connection and has the advantage of having world-wide coverage. Since the commercial rollout of 4G LTE and faster data speeds, PoC radios perform extremely well and can be a wide area solution. They offer wide area communication between devices and reliable performance in the UK and Europe. Also, unlike two-way radios they do not require a licence to use them.

DigiX Horizon – PoC radio

DigiX Horizon PoC

DigiX Horizon

The DigiX Horizon PoC radio is a piece of ground-breaking new technology which is leading the way in professional UK communication. It offers outstanding connectivity supporting WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and 4G/LTE networks. It’s compact and lightweight as well as being robust and boasting an impressive IP67 rating which means it’s completely dustproof and water-resistant. No amount of rain or muddy puddles can ruin this device. It had a wide range of impressive features including:

  • Outstanding connectivity
  • Crystal clear voice transmissions
  • Seamless push-to-talk communications
  • A high capacity battery
  • Touch screen interface
  • High memory
  • Android operating system
  • 2 cameras
  • Location tracking with GPS and user status
  • Desktop dispatcher software
  • Private call, group call and all call functions
  • 2-year warranty

DigiX Mobile – Vehicle solution

digix vehivleOur most popular digital vehicle solution is the DigiX Mobile. With a robust design and easy to use controls this is the perfect option if you need a radio communication system in your vehicles. This two-way radio has a dual-band system with both UHF and VHF options. With a massive channel capacity of 1000 and the option for GPS tracking, this is a great two-way radio for any farming and agricultural vehicles.

If you are looking to buy or purchase two-way digital radios or would like any further information don’t hesitate to contact us today. NRC offer a wide range of two-way radios which would be great for a variety of different industries including the farming and agricultural sector.