Sep 26, 2021


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Two Way Radios with Headsets – Our Expert Buying Guide

Two-way radios, or walkie-talkies as they are also known, are one of the most versatile pieces of communication technology on the market, used for everything from hiking to security to emergency services. Despite their many benefits, one issue some people have when using their two-way radio is that they need to physically hold the device in order to communicate. A headset is a great way to solve this problem as it allows you to keep your hands free while speaking on your radio.

Here is everything you need to know about using a headset with a two-way radio, and our rundown of the top 6 available on the market today.

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The Benefits of Using a Two-Way Radio Headset

All two-way radios are designed to be easy to use, but adding a headset makes them even more convenient. Here are some of the advantages you will get from adding headsets to your two-way radio systems:

Hands Free Operation

A headset allows users to operate their two-way radio while being able to keep your hands free, so there is no risk of dropping the radio or losing contact with colleagues or people in your radio group. For jobs like construction where people need both hands for difficult work, this is incredibly important. Likewise, if you are doing any kind of outdoor activity like trekking or mountaineering, it is always better to keep your hands free to make sure that you have a good grip on your walking sticks or the cliff face.

Extra security

The security industry is one of the biggest users of two-way radios, and there are many situations when it is helpful to use a headset. For example, security guards may need to keep their hands free so that they can hold other equipment that is essential for their job like a torch or a baton. The same is true for police officers who often use headsets so that their hands are free to hold weapons, drive vehicles safely, or for restraining dangerous people.

Radio Protection

There are many models of two-way radio which has high levels of dust and water protection but even these can be damaged or hampered by extreme weather conditions. Using a headset means you will be able to tuck the two-way radio safely inside your clothes or backpack to keep it dry and operating fully no matter how bad the weather is.

Types of Headset Available

There are various different types of two-way radio headsets to consider. Some fit behind the ears, some strap around the back of the neck, but the biggest consideration is whether you want a wired headset or a wireless Bluetooth headset. The latter are usually more expensive but they are more convenient to wear because there won’t be annoying wires getting in your way. However, it is important to check that your two-way radio has Bluetooth technology first because not all devices are compatible with wireless headsets.

two way radios with headsets

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What to Look For in Two-way Radios with Headsets

As well as price and functionality, when purchasing two-way radios with headsets, make sure that:

  • The headset is comfortable with padded ear cups or adjustable headbands which fits your ears and head perfectly
  • It is easy to transmit and receive signals via the headset
  • You can switch easily between the headset and the radio itself
  • The two-way radio is small and light enough to carry easily
  • The audio quality of both the headphones and microphone are up to scratch
  • You can control the most important walkie-talkie functions via the headset
  • The clip or strap for the radio is comfortable and easy to use

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Feature Considerations for Two-Way Radios with Headsets

There are a number of features that some people may want from their two-way radio headsets. These will depend on what you need to use the system for and what degree of functionality you require without needing to touch the radio itself. It will also depend on how much money you want to spend because increased functionality usually means a bigger price tag. Here are some features that you may want to consider:

  • Noise cancelling headphones and microphones – These can prevent interference while still allowing you to hear outside noise.
  • Auto squelch – This automatically cuts out background noise when nothing is being transmitted on the channel. This can be very useful if you need to use your two-way radio in an area with lower levels of outside sound like the forest or for nighttime security purposes.
  • Earpiece volume control – This is useful if you need to use your walkie-talkie in noisier environments.
  • Microphone sensitivity adjustment – This will let you control how sensitive your microphone is in picking up your voice. Useful when you need to use your two-way radio but stay quiet like museum or art gallery security guards need to do.

Need help choosing the right headset two-way radios for your business or recreational needs? 

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Jobs and Activities Which Use Two-Way Radios With Headsets

Headset two-way radios are very useful in a variety of different jobs and industries, as well as in a number of hobbies and activities. Here are some of the most common uses:

Emergency services

For firefighters, paramedics and police officers who need to coordinate an emergency response team without having your hands tied up by equipment, proper communication is key. Using a headset two-way radio enable emergency responders to sync and communicate while still being able to handle everything they need for their jobs such as medical equipment, weapons, and firehoses.

Construction workers

Headset two-way radios are also very important in the construction industry because they enable workers to communicate on-site without having to put down their tools and stop working. They also improve safety on building sites because workers have their hands free to hold onto ladders and scaffolding. This is very important because building sites can be potentially dangerous places.

Security guards

As noted above, headset two-way radios are very important for security guards because they leave their hands free for other equipment and for potentially defending themselves if attacked.

Hikers and campers

When going on a long hike or planning a camping trip to a remote location, it’s always advisable to take some form of communication equipment along since something could happen which could require emergency assistance. Someone in the party may get lost or injured, or there may be a sudden change in the weather which puts everyone in danger. Headset two-way radios will enable everyone in the group to stay connected with each other at all times call for help in emergency situations, while at the same time, keeping their hands free for equipment.

Event coordinators

When in charge of organizing an event such as a public festival or concert, two-way radios can greatly simplify things by allowing staff in different parts of the site to coordinate their actions. It means that event planners and coordinators can ensure that everyone is in sync and that even the most elaborate events go off without a hitch. Two-way radios also help increase safety since it speeds up response times and ensures that there’s always someone available at all times. Using headsets allows coordinators and their teams to keep their hands free to check itineraries and to carry all the items needed for a big event.

walkie talkie with headset

Need help choosing the right headset two-way radios for your business or recreational needs? 

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Top Picks for Two-Way Radio with Headsets

Now that we’ve gone through the features you need to look out for in a headset two-way radio and some of their more common uses, here are our top 6:

#1 DigiX DMR Headset Two-Way Radio

DigiX DMR DisplayThe DigiX DMR Display two-way radio is a fantastic all-round two-way radio with 1000 channels so it is ideal for big organisations on groups. The 12.5KHz TDMA digital encoding lets you say as much as you want without any drag on the call quality, and with VOX technology and voice encryption protection, you can be assured that your private conversation remain private. This radio is available in VHF and UHF frequencies, and features a top of the range display and keypad. This is a great walkie-talkie for use in poor weather conditions and dirty environments because it has a dustproof and waterproof rating of IP67. An excellent two-way radio packed with features.

#2 DigiX Halo Keypad Headset Two-Way Radio

DigiX Halo KeypadThe DigiX Halo Keypad is another two-way radio that has some fantastic features. It has a 16 hour battery life, VHF and UHF frequencies, kill/revive functionality, and private/group call. The emergency alarm will keep you safe and the remote monitor lets you track will enable you to track everyone at once to make sure that everyone in your work team or hiking group is accounted for. With its dual mode (analogue/digital) there’s no need to worry about bad weather interfering with your signal.

#3 DigiX Link Headset Two-Way Radio

DigiX LinkThe DigiX Link two-way radio is the perfect device for keeping in touch with coworkers and friends alike. It is available in both digital and analogue, has built in encryption, a lone worker function for emergencies, caller ID, IP68 dust/water protection, and emergency alarms. In addition to all these features, the Link also has Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless headset, as well as GPS to help pinpoint yourself and other radio users.!

#4 DigiA Headset Two-Way RadioDigiA Walkie Talkie

The DigiA is a compact, lightweight two-way radio that fits perfectly in a pocket or on a clip. It has a long battery life of 10 hours on standby, which means you can use it all day without worrying about recharging it, and with its clear sound quality and 16 channels, you won’t have any trouble communicating with your employees or group when you need to get things done quickly. You can even set up multiple groups so that everyone on your team knows exactly who they should be talking to at any given time. Plus, if someone needs help or there’s an emergency situation, just press one button and the built-in emergency function will send out an SOS signal across every channel until someone responds. That way everyone will know what’s going on as soon as possible.

#5 DigiX Echo Headset Two-Way Radio

DigiX EchoThe DigiX Echo is a digital and analogue dual mode two-way radio that offers group calls with voice announcements. The quality of its audio is outstandingly clear, it can run for 16 hours on a single charge, and has outstanding sound monitoring capabilities. With IP54 waterproof protection, it can be submerged in up to 3 feet (1 meter) of water for 30 minutes without any damage. The DigiX Echo features a new VOX function with the lowest power consumption. It is equipped with group call and voice announcement functions, as well as talk and monitor modes. In addition to its outstanding sound monitoring capability, it has an LCD display that you can set at your convenience to conserve battery life. There are also additional options like voice encryption, priority channel scanners and call sign announcement among others.

#6 DigiX Sea Headset Two-Way Radio

DigiX SeaThe DigiX SEA has many useful features like caller identification, remote monitor, and stun/revive, all of which are very useful for multiple applications. This device has 32 channels, hidden CTCSS functionality, and 2 different power sources. With a long-life lithium battery, group and individual calling, and up both Analog and Digital options, it is fully kitted out for all your two-way radio needs.

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Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits to using a two-way radio with a headset for both professional and recreational needs. We have a huge range of radios, headsets, and other accessories for all your communication requirements. With two-way radios to suit every budget, make sure to check out our full range.