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Walkie-talkies have been around for generations, proving to be valuable tools in a variety of different industries. With instant communication being a key feature, it’s no surprise why they’re so loved by a number of different sectors.

Walkie-Talkie Features

  • Long, reliable battery life
  • One-to-one or group calls available
  • Remote radio monitoring for security purposes
  • Emergency call feature
  • Lone worker software
  • Text messaging (on models with keypads)

NRC have a large amount of experience in supplying walkie talkies to a number of organisations. We cater to everyone’s individual needs, no matter how big or small.

We believe walkie-talkies are a long-term, worthwhile investment to many businesses. Not only do they improve efficiency and operations, but they also help keep staff safe. We stock a range of well known brands such as Icom, Motorola, Kenwood and Hytera. We also have our own radio range, DigiX. It includes all the top features you expect at a low price.

Our highly trained walkie-talkie specialists will develop an optimum scheme to give you ongoing great communications.

We are leading distributors of digital and analogue radio equipment in the North West. We’ve worked with organisations all over the country, meaning we’re able to offer expert advice on how you can improve your communications and have a generally smoother-running workplace. Here are a few of our favourite walkie-talkies.

DigiX Sun Professional Walkie Talkie Radio

The DigiX Sun is a simple solution walkie talkie radio capable of analogue and digital communications on a single channel. User friendly, easy to use straight out of the box with the ability to communicate with other other license free walkie talkies / portable radios such as Icom, Motorola and Kenwood. With a good battery life this device is suitable for a wide range of applications within a variety of industries and sectors.

DigiX Liberty (Licence Free)

The DigiX Liberty Licence Free Radio is our smallest DMR portable radio, but it has all the functionality you need and more. The DigiX Liberty comes with 10 hours battery life (on standby) and also includes a 2-year warranty (body only) on the purchase option or on-going maintenance included as standard with the hire service.

All our radios are available for hire or purchase, it all depends on your requirements. For more information on any of our radios get in touch with our team here.

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