Here at NRC, we supply all top-tier Radio communications products for purchase, hire or lease; we install and provide bespoke solutions based on your requirements.

Our products include MDVR, CCTV and vehicle tracking, with our two-way radio products utilising both analogue and digital output.

If you require simple unlicensed or licence radio we will supply you the right product from any manufacturer or from our own brand of top tier products. NRC is an approved dealer of all major manufacturers of communications equipment, and therefore If you require either simple unlicensed or licenced radio we can supply you with the right product because we are not tied to any one manufacturer.

NRC offer you the most comprehensive choice of compatible communication methods available today, covering simple and technical corporate solutions from any manufacturer or from our own brand of top tier products.

We believe in supplying you with customer service that exceeds your expectations. We have our own workshop, with a professional team of skilled engineers, offering you peace of mind after-sales service as well as during your hire/lease period.

We offer Shopwatch schemes and bespoke digital solutions, such as DIGIpool, an advanced system offering long-distance communications, to many businesses across Merseyside and beyond.

Please give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Please contact us to discuss your Radio communications and servicing requirements in more detail.