Aug 22, 2018


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5 Situations Where Radio Communication Is Essential

There are many examples of where two-way radio sets are useful, but there are many more, where they are crucial.

Two-way receivers save lives by allowing clear and effective communication when things go wrong, or when emergency help is needed. Here at NRC, we are delighted to offer services and products that play a key role in keeping people safe in so many different occupations and arenas.

Five situations where radio contact is critical.



There is nothing better than a view from the top of a mountain. But due to the nature of mountains, they tend to be isolated and on rugged terrain. It is crucial therefore that you have the ability to call for backup when it’s needed. If you are walking or climbing with a group, radios are there to help you check whether your team mates are OK, without having to raise your voice or walk over to them. Two-way radios handle extreme weather well too.



Two-way radios are clearly an indispensable part of military operations. They enable communication between units, ground to air support and between troops on the ground making the difference between the failure and success. Two-way radios sets save lives, by alerting armed forces to danger, demanding medical e-vac or and air strikes.

NRC offer military grade radios that can be used in extreme situations, such as the PD795Ex, and the PD715Ex which comply with the latest American Military Standard-MIL-STD-810G and are designed specifically for environments with explosive gas and dusts, they can withstand vibration, gun-fire, dirt and dust.



Radios are indispensable in locations and sites where there are crowds. There have been many examples over the years, where crowds have got out of control, caused damage, injury and in extreme cases, resulted in a loss of life. Walkie-talkies are a core part of maintaining control over a crowd with security staff able to rely on their sets to detect problem areas, groups or individuals and either to inform higher authorities or manage incidents before they deteriorate.


Building Sites

Building sites can be hazardous areas if not managed well. Two way radios can mitigate risk and through the use of strict safety protocols, help manage dangerous situations. Radios are also used to manage members of staff across multiple site and in areas where it is hard to hear, helping to get projects completed quickly and more efficiently, by enabling better communication at all times.


Public Transport

Running the London Underground without radio communication would be like trying to herd cats toward Battersea Dogs Home. Transportation networks depend on strategic levels of comms in order to remain organised and run safely and efficiently. All over the world, two-way radios are used in rail networks, airports and complex city metro systems.

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