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How Much Are Two Way Radios 

Wondering how much are two way radios? Two way radios fall into advanced, intermediate and basic specification groups depending on how and where they will be used, and it’s the specifications of a two way radio which will determine how much it will cost. Higher specification radios such as those featuring waterproof casing, longer communication ranges and digital technology will attract a high cost per unit when compared to analogue two way radios with only basic features and low durability for example.

There are two way radios available to suit all budgets but to give you a ballpark figure, basic leisure radios that are unlicensed are available from around £80 and more professional, higher specification two way digital radio models that are licenced and boast advanced features, more channels and cover longer distances can cost upwards of two hundred pounds each.

Speak To An Expert

The best way to determine how much you will need to spend on two way radios or a full radio communication set-up is to talk through the environment that you will be using your radios in and the performance that you need them to deliver with a two way radio expert like NRC radios.

NRC radios have over 30 years of experience supplying two way radios, or walkie talkies as they’re more commonly referred to, for individuals and businesses of all sizes. From licence free kits for leisure use to licenced two way radios that can cover large, multi-site areas, we can recommend the models to consider and support you with setting up and purchasing the right solution for your needs.

Our friendly team can offer professional advice, competitive pricing, and options to hire or purchase market-leading two way radio models to create bespoke communications solutions that meet your security, safety or emergency communication needs.


Need advice on two way radios and how much they cost? 

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Read on for an overview of the different kinds of radios available, the features on offer and the price range that you can expect to find them in.

Why Use Radios?

If you need an easy way to communicate with others when mobile phone use isn’t a viable or practical option, you might be looking into two way radios. Two way radios provide an efficient and reliable way to talk to another person or group of people that aren’t physically in the same place as you without having to rely on mobile signals. Whether using radios for work, outdoor activities, professional search and rescue needs, or having fun with your friends, there is a two way radio for every need and every budget.

What Is A Two Way Radio?

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Firstly, let’s clarify what we mean by two way radio, as they’re often more commonly referred to as walkie talkies. A two way radio is a device that has both an audio receiver and transmitter that can facilitate two way communication between two or more users.

The radios look a little bit like a cordless phone handset and are operated by pressing a button, then speaking into the transmitter. They are generally fairly small and portable devices making them easy to transport when out and about – perfect for stashing in your bag or attaching to your belt for easy access if you need them in an emergency.

What Options Are There?

As you may expect, there are lots of brands, styles and technical specifications available to choose from when it comes to choosing a two way radio. As every individual or business will have a unique requirement from their radio in terms of how it needs to work to support them with communications, it’s important to consider the following points to narrow down the kind of radio that you need.

  • How you will be using the radio. Business, Emergency rescues and safety needs, hobbies and leisure activities?
  • The distance that you need the radio to work over
  • Do you need private channels?
  • How durable does the radio need to be? Will it be submerged in water or used in dusty or hot places?
  • Is battery life critical to your radio use or will short battery life be sufficient?

Knowing the answer to these kinds of questions will help you to determine if you need a licenced or unlicensed radio which will, in turn, steer your two way radio shopping into one of the budget, intermediate or advanced price brackets below.

Basic, Intermediate And Advanced Radios

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Now that you have an idea of what specifications you need your two way radio to fulfil, you can review the models available to you that also fall within your budget. If you’re in any doubt over the best radio to purchase for your needs and budget, an experienced radio supplier will be able to offer advice and recommendations, including more favourable pricing on the right options to suit your needs.

Basic Two Way Radios

If you are on a tight budget, the lowest cost radios will be analogue and licence free. They will also have basic operating features, a reduced range and often a poorer level of manufacture in the build. Sadly this can lead to operation problems that cause drops in communications and reduced battery life, meaning you will need to charge the radios regularly.

See the DixiX ORB Twinpack for an example of this kind of radio. Priced £49.

Intermediate Two Way Radios

If you’re using two way radios in a professional capacity, you should expect to pay a bit more to get the features and improved quality available to you that a mid-range radio can provide.

Intermediate radios will come with a higher power, therefore more coverage over a longer distance and communications will be clearer in built-up areas.

Advanced Two Way Radio Options

It will come as no surprise that if you want the very best performance and capability from a two way radio or you need to be able to rely on it to deliver crystal clear communications in the toughest of conditions, then you will need a higher budget to purchase more advanced options.

Examples of when it’s worth paying more for two way radios include if you are using the kit to manage emergency situations or review the safety of lone workers. Radios in this bracket will feature great digital options with robust materials, longer use between battery charges, as well having a better range available.

See the DigiX SEA twin pack for an example of this kind of radio. Priced £159.

Where To Buy

Whatever your budget, if you are looking to buy two way radios that will ensure you have access to reliable communications you need in the event of an emergency or to simply keep you in contact with friends or colleagues who aren’t directly nearby, then please contact NRC radio today.

You can call our friendly team on 0151 263 9993 or send an email to discuss what you’re looking for and how we can help. DigiX, Motorola, Hytera, ICOM and Kenwood two way radios offer some of the best functionality and reliability available, and our team can secure excellent pricing for our customers on these models.

Founded in 1989, Northwest Radio Communications provides professional communications solutions and excellent customer service to its clients spanning hundreds of industries throughout the UK. From farming, catering, hospitality, leisure, construction and many more, as an approved dealer for DigiX, Motorola, Hytera, ICOM and Kenwood 2-way radios, the team can find the best purchase, hire and maintenance options available for you and your business when it comes to choosing the right communication tools to use.