Aug 31, 2021


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Walkie Talkies for Retail Stores – Our Expert Guide

Walkie talkies are a great way to improve communication in retail stores. They can be used for everything from monitoring the store, to keeping tabs on inventory and even managing customer service. Choosing the right walkie talkies for your store is important, but with so many options available, that is easier said than done. From deciding between the different brands to making sure that your walkie talkies have a big enough range, there are many factors to consider.

To help you get started, here are our picks for the top 6 walkie talkies for retail stores, as well a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know before investing in a two-way radio setup.

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Our Top Pick!

#1 DigiX Echo

DigiX Echo Walkie TalkieThe DigiX Echo walkie talkie is one of the most reliable and advanced two-way radios on the market. With a full power output, 2 Watt of digital / analogue transmission, this walkie talkies set is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The Echo has a clear LCD channel display and can be used with all other manufacturers equipment that supports DMR Digital/Analogue technology (via the free DigiX software), while its extensive signal range allows for full indoor and outdoor coverage of most retail stores.

DigiX Echo walkie talkies are the perfect solution for retailers who want a professional two-way radio setup that is reliable, but also easy to use. These walkie talkies have an ergonomic design with rubberized grips for comfortable handling and come in black or orange colours. The DigiX Echo is extremely versatile and compatible with all other brands on the market today!

Our Top 6 Walkie Talkies for Retail Stores

1. DigiX Echo

2. DigiX Neo

3. DigiX Liberty

4. DigiX Nano

5. DigiX Atom

6. DigiX Link

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#2 DigiX Neo

The DigiX Neo is an affordable two-way digital radio with all the latest features. It offers emergency alarm, call identity, private/group call, remote monitor, a sixteen hour battery life and more. The device is IP67 water and dust protected, so it is ideal for the hustle bustle of a retail store. The Neo is particularly useful for security guards as they can use the voice encryption feature to protect conversations from eavesdroppers, use the voice recording function to record important moments for playback later, and can also monitor their surroundings with the two-way listening function.

The DigiX Neo is a great choice for retail stores that want to improve security, customer service and efficiency in their stores. The device offers all the latest features, comes at an affordable price and has been built based on feedback from hundreds of customers who have used it successfully in their own retail stores.

#3 DigiX Liberty

DigiX Liberty Walkie TalkieWeighing just 135g, the DigiX Liberty is one of the lightest and smallest two way radios on the market but it has all the functionality you will need for your retail store and more. The Liberty comes with 12 hours of battery life on standby and features a hidden LED display, low battery alert, timeout timer, and battery strength indicator. This will keep you reassured that your walkie talkies are always working when needed. The Liberty is also waterproof, and dustproof so is suitable for employees in every part of your store.

This is an ideal choice for retail stores which require a reliable two way radio system for their employees but also want to keep things discreet. A fantastic device!

#4 DigiX Nano

The DigiX Nano DMR Digital Radio is a compact and lightweight professional digital radio, perfect for covert operations. The radio has multiple earpieces that allow you to communicate with your team members without having to remove the radio from your belt. It is also easy to hide, making it the ideal choice for security personnel and for high-end retail stores where employees need to be a little more slick. This device uses an advanced technology that allows you to make private calls as well as group calls. It can scan through all available channels by itself or use one of the four pre-programmed channels for immediate contact. The battery life allows for a whopping 70 hours of standby time and 18 hours of talk time!

The Nano is an ideal solution for retailers that want the benefits of radio communication but don’t want bulky walkie-talkies around their employees’ necks. This innovative walkie talkie uses cutting edge technology which makes it easily affordable compared to its competitors on the market today!

#5 DigiX Atom

DigiX Atom Walkie TalkieThe DigiX Atom is one of the latest NRC DMR portable radios range. This small and light radio weighs only 210g, making it an ideal choice for store employees who need to carry their radio with them at all times. The Atom has 16 hours battery life on standby, a 2-year warranty, and is water and dust protected with an IP66 rating. The kill/revive functionality will allow employees to turn off their radios in case of emergency, and will also ensure that the device switches itself off if your employees forget, thus saving battery power.

The DigiX Atom is great value for money considering its many functions including emergency alarm function which sends alerts when in distress or urgent needs arise. It has 16 hours battery life, waterproof functionality and comes in at an affordable price compared to other advanced models currently on the market today!

#6 DigiX Link

DigiX Link Walkie TalkieThe DigiX Link is one of the latest additions to the DigiX range of two-way radios. They provide a high performance digital radio solution for professional users in challenging environments where reliability, performance and ease of use are essential.

The new Link NRC DMR is a dual band (VHF and UHF) portable radio providing 16 hours battery life on VHF or 21 hours on UHF. The radio can be configured with either an analogue or digital display, depending upon your preference. It also offers a choice of two batteries – 2 x NiMH or a single Li-Ion battery. The Link NRC DMR is housed in an impact resistant, waterproof IP67 enclosure for reliable operation and protection from the elements.

This device offers reliability and peace of mind – both important features when it comes to keeping employees safe and your customers happy!

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What are Walkie Talkies?

Walkie talkies are two-way radios that allow you to communicate with someone over a short distance. The first walkie talkies were developed by Motorola in the 1940s for military use, but they have since been adapted into commercial and consumer markets. The technology has evolved over time to become smaller, lighter, and more powerful with better coverage areas.

Why are Walkie Talkies Useful in Retail Stores?

Walkie talkies have so many potential uses in retail stores and if you choose the right devices, and implement your store’s two-way radio system effectively, you will see many benefits. Here are some of the main uses of walkie talkies in retail stores:

  • Communication between staff and managers – This is important because stores are typically very busy and it’s easy for staff to get overwhelmed. When managers can contact team members as needed, employees feel more supported and the store runs smoothly.
  • Communication between departments – This is particularly important in large retail and department stores. For example, let’s say your shoes department is running low on black boots but there are plenty available in the main warehouse that could be sent over within minutes. Your staff can request the items using two-way radios through an intercom system, and the shoes can be brought over without the customer having to wait too long, or one of your sales team having to go and get them.
  • Staff communications within the store – For a successful retail store to run efficiently, it is crucial that staff are always able to find each other and synchronise their roles. In order to achieve this, you can set up your store’s two-way radio system walkie talkie system in such a way that staff will know exactly where their colleagues are located at all times.
  • Emergency situations – Fires, natural disasters, or medical emergencies are serious matters because they require the appropriate response right away. With two-way radios, you can have instant communication with all employees so everyone knows what’s going on and how to respond accordingly without delay. This makes it much less likely that someone will panic during an emergency situation or not receive the necessary information about evacuating or getting help from first responders arriving on scene.
  • Lost children – This is very common in large retail stores, department stores, and supermarkets. All parents know that you only need to look away for a second and your child can wander off. With an effective two-way radio system, your staff can help return wayward children to their worried parents immediately.
  • Security – Walkie talkies are a vital piece of equipment for security guards. They allow them to receive information and communicate with other employees in order to keep the store safe and apprehend shoplifters and other criminals.

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How to Choose Walkie Talkies for a Retail Store

There are various features which are important when it comes to choosing the right walkie talkies, but some of the most useful are:

Long range

The first thing you need to look for, particularly if you have a big store, are walkie talkies with long range capabilities. Not all walkie talkies will be capable of getting a signal from one end of your store to the other so make sure you compare the ranges of different options.


One potential problem with using two-way radios in your retail store is false transmissions from other devices. The best type of walkie talkies have special circuitry that make them almost immune to false transmission, which will ensure you and your store employees get a clear and accurate signal every time.

Long battery life

Long battery life is a very important feature to look for in walkie talkies. If you are buying them as your only means of communication within the store, then the last thing you want is dead batteries when you need them most. Long battery life will also help prevent you having to spend extra money on batteries.

Quick recharge

Walkie talkies for retail stores don’t just need long-lasting batteries, they also need a quick recharge time. When you are in the middle of an emergency, it’s important that your walkie talkies do not take too long to charge up so they can be used immediately if needed.

Weight vs Functionality

If a walkie-talkie is too heavy it can become cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear all day long. However, almost everything that makes a walkie talkie lighter will also make it less durable or portable. You will need to find the right balance between weight and functionality to ensure all your employees’ needs are met.

Waterproof capability

Walkie talkies that are waterproof are a great investment because they allow you to communicate outside even in the rain. They are ideal for security guards, carpark attendants, and all your other employees who have outdoor responsibilities.

Sound quality

A good set of quality walkie talkies should give your employees a clear sound on both ends and ensure there is no static interference when transmitting data. This will make sure your retail store runs smoothly and that there are no miscommunications.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a walkie talkies to improve communication in your store, or you need them for security reasons, there is no shortage of options available. The best two-way radios should be reliable and have a long battery life so that they can last the entire day. They also need quick recharge times in order to ensure that there are no delays in your store’s communications, and if you have a large store, you will need radios with a large enough range for your employees to stay connected whether they are in your warehouse or on the shopfloor.

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