Aug 31, 2021


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What are the Best Walkie Talkies for Cruise Ships? Our Expert Guide

Operating a successful cruise is all about communication and synchronisation. On big cruise ships there may be thousands of employees working in every department, from chefs, to housekeepers, to lifeguards, and it is vital that everyone is connected in order to provide the best cruise experience for the passengers. Cruise ship staff members are responsible for the safety and security of passengers onboard. They need to be able to communicate with each other quickly, easily, and reliably in order to do their jobs effectively. This is where cruise ship walkie talkies, or two-way radios as they are also called, come into play. With the right equipment, you can ensure that all your cruise ship staff are able to communicate effectively so that they can provide the best possible service.

To help you choose the most effective communication devices, here is our expert guide to the best walkie talkies for cruise ships.

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Our Top Pick!

#1 DigiX DMR

DigiX DMR Walkie TalkieThe DigiX DMR two-way radios are the perfect choice for every cruise ship. The DMR features a large, easy-to-read display and simple to use controls meaning that you won’t need to give staff too much training on how to use the device. With advanced digital technology, all cruise ship employees can communicate with other users on the same channel without having to worry about interference from other users or nearby devices. You can also access up to 32 channels for increased functionality and versatility, so each department on the cruise ship can have their own channel, with additional channels for passenger related issues, emergencies, and offshore communication.

The DMR has a huge signal range, so your staff will be able to communicate no matter how far apart they are. The device is also IP68 dust and waterproof rated which makes it very durable even in difficult conditions on the cruise ship such as high humidity or salt water spray.

Our Top 6 Walkie Talkies for Retail Stores

1. DigiX DMR

2. DigiX Halo

3. DigiX Link Keypad

4. DigiX Nano Display

5. DigiA

6. Apollo

Need help choosing the right two-way radios for your cruise ship employees? 

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#2 DigiX Halo

DigiX Halo Walkie TalkieThe DigiX Halo is a portable digital radio with an integrated GPS receiver. The DMR version has 16 hours of battery life which can be extended to 20 hours by using the optional external battery pack. It comes with two years warranty and can be purchased in either a half keypad or full keypad model.

It is water and dust protected with IP54 status, making it ideal for use in all weather conditions. The device also features an emergency alarm button that will alert the local authorities immediately if the device is dropped or submerged making it perfect for cruise ship use.

The Halo also features industry standard encryption which will enable your employees to communicate securely with each other on the same frequency without worrying that passengers or anybody else will accidentally tun.

#3 DigiX Link Keypad

DigiX Link Keypad Walkie TalkieThe DigiX Link Keypad is one of the latest NRC portable range. The big 2.2 inch colour screen makes it easy to use and the advanced encryption ensures your messages are secure, even when using radio repeaters or on a digital network. The DigiX Link Keypad has an ultra slim design that makes it ideal for discreetly carrying in a pocket or bag, or for clipping onto your cruise staff’s belts.

The Link Keypad comes with telephone function and is available in DMR and NXDN versions. The DMR version has 16 hours of battery life which can be extended to 20 hours by using the optional external battery pack. It comes with two years warranty and can be purchased in either a half keypad or full keypad model.

The Link Keypad is water, dust and shock resistant making it ideal for use on cruise ships where staff may need to go out of sheltered areas into exposed decks such as upper sun lounges or balconies during rough weather conditions.

#4 DigiX Nano Display

The DigiX Nano Display is a super small and light walkie talkie which is ideal for discretion. Despite being small in stature, however, the Nano is big in features. It offers private call, group call, all call and scan modes and also features a remote monitor, which will allows you to listen in on your employees’ conversations remotely (up to 2km away). You can even adjust the volume of their conversation! The Nano also records for 200 hours in its built-in memory and can be used as an intercom between up to 4 units (one unit must be a Nano).The display on the Nano is a monochrome LCD which allows you to see who is calling even in direct sunlight which is useful for pool staff and outside cleaners on cruises around the Caribbean or the Med.

#5 DigiA

The DigiA is designed to be the perfect radio for cruise ship staff who need a robust, reliable and discreet communication system. Despite its small size, however, the DigiA offers all the functionality of an industry leading radio at an affordable price. The DigiA will give your employees 16 channels with 16 hours battery life, and is waterproof and dustproof to IP67 status.

Like all the best walkie talkies on this list, the DigiA has encrypted audio for staff privacy and discretion.The DigiA comes with a micro USB cable for quick and easy charging, as well as an adaptor to charge directly from standard power sockets.

The built-in LED torch will be useful for staff at night time, and also doubles up as a work light which can help maintain cruise ship guests’ safety and comfort during storms. The noise cancelling microphone ensures that all of your employee’s conversations are crisp and clear throughout the entire vessel including elevators, bars,and pools decks.

#6 Apollo

Apollo Walkie TalkieThe Apollo is the only analogue walkie talkie on this list but it really is an excellent device. It’s a compact, lightweight, and easy to use analogue handheld two-way radio that has 16 channels and can be used for all general purpose communications around the ship. The Apollo comes with a belt clip so it’s easy for all your staff to wear store in their pockets or bags. This walkie talkie has an alert function in case there are any issues, and there are also programmable keys on the front of the radio that will allow you to set up quick access functions for your employees.The Apollo has a range of around three kilometres which is more than enough for the majority of cruising vessels, and you can buy additional devices that will extend your coverage to up to five kilometres.

You get 12 hours battery life with this device but an optional external pack can add another six hours or increase talk-time by 30%. The best thing about the Apollo is its price point, as it’s very competitively priced compared to some other walkie talkies on the market today.

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cruise ship walkie talkiesWhy are Walkie Talkies So Important on Cruise Ships?

Walkie talkies are especially important on a cruise ship for several reasons:

Firstly, the majority of employees live in staff quarters or below decks, meaning they might not be able to see other crew members at all during their shift. Walkie talkies allow them to communicate with each other easily and efficiently when out of sight from others.

Secondly, walkie talkies provide an easy way for guests to contact cruise staff directly if there is ever any issues or problems that need attention immediately. This means that every member needs access to a walkie talkie so that they can help passengers quickly and effectively.

Finally, having many different types of jobs happening simultaneously requires communication across multiple departments; this becomes much easier through the use of walkie talkies.

What do Different Cruise Staff Use Walkie Talkies For?

Walkie talkies are useful for a variety of reasons and can be used by different departments on the ship:

  • The entertainment department – Cruise shows take hours to rehearse and perform, so it is important that all the cast have walkie talkies in order to communicate with each other during a show.
  • The housekeeping department – Cleaning staff must be able to work together seamlessly in different parts of the ship at once; many tasks involve cleaning multiple cabins simultaneously which means they might not always see one another while working. Easy communication between employees helps them collaborate effectively whilst also being available for guests if there are any problems or questions requiring their attention.
  • Operations personnel – The operations department needs efficient ways of communicating across long distances quickly and easily as this team works on several projects both onboard and off board. They need reliable two-way radios that can be used in any weather conditions.
  • The security teams – Security personnel need to be able to communicate with each other and coordinate from every area of the ship as well as quickly respond in an emergency.
  • The guest relations employees – Guest relations staff are responsible for all communications between guests and the crew, so they need reliable two-way radios that can work effectively in every area of the ship.
  • The kitchen staff – The kitchen staff on a cruise ship work in fast-paced conditions and need radios that will allow them to coordinate meal times and respond quickly when orders are ready.
  • The medical department – Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other members of the medical team working in areas such as the infirmary or pharmacy also require effective communication systems to ensure the health and safety of staff.

Need help choosing the right two-way radios for your cruise ship employees? 

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What are the Most Important Walkie Talkie Features for Cruise Ships?

Walkie talkies are very useful in so many different industries, and each industry has its own specific requirements. For a cruise ship two-way radio system, these are the most important features you need to consider when choosing walkie talkies:

  • Firstly, it is important to choose an appropriate frequency range based on local laws as well as regulations from regulatory bodies like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or Industry Canada. It is also essential to make sure your chosen devices have adequate coverage with many different models offering up to 36 miles of range; however, keep in mind this will vary depending on environmental conditions such as weather and terrain.
  • Another important feature to consider is battery life as most cruise ship employees work on their feet the majority of every day meaning they will need a device that can last long enough throughout each shift without requiring frequent recharging or replacement batteries. Fortunately, many walkie talkies have impressive battery lives lasting up to 15 hours or more and some even come with spare batteries included which you can charge in advance.
  • Size and weight are also essential factors; this mainly applies if your crew has to wear their walkie talkies during long shifts or when doing physically demanding tasks such as cleaning the pool and decks. Many walkie talkies are lightweight but durable while other options include wrist straps,neck straps and even clips so they can be carried more easily.
  • Finally, you should consider the dust and waterproof rating of your chosen devices; most models available for cruise ships will protect against splashes or rain but some are also designed specifically to offer protection from dirt and other debris such as sand. This helps to keep the devices safe when used outdoors during a storm or during onshore excursions with guests.


Walkie talkies are a vital piece of equipment for cruise ship employees, but if you don’t choose the right devices, it can cause serious issues for both your staff and passengers. Make sure you consider everything from communication range to weight to how waterproof and dustproof all the different options are. Try out some of our suggestions and you will be able to find the perfect walkie talkies for your cruise ship staff.

Need help choosing the right two-way radios for your cruise ship employees? 

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