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Long Term Evolution refers to wireless broadbands and/or mobile network technologies. What we most commonly know it as is 4G – the successor to the 3G UMTS system. This is the next generation network with a greater capacity to support the growing demand for fast connection on a number of mobile applications.

LTE (4G) provides much higher data speeds and increased performance, all while lowering operating costs. While the first attempts only showed slight improvements over the 3G network, eventually the full 4G network was released in all its glory.

While it was first known as LTE, it then became known as 4G LTE Advanced.

New LTE Features

Compared to older standards from 3G networks, from LTE you can expect:

  • Improved streaming
  • Faster uploads/downloads
  • Talk to others without lagging
  • Scalable bandwidth capacity

LTE Across the Globe

With Long Term Evolution officially launching just over ten years ago, there’s no surprise it’s grown in popularity all over the world. Some European countries adopted LTE from 2009, while it took countries in North America until around 2011 to get on board with it. The company with the best LTE penetration is South Korea, with 97.5% of the country being covered by this service.

Many radio systems now come equipped with LTE, adding a sense of flexibility to traditional radio communications. 4G LTE on radios provides fast data services to assist in a number of applications; whether it be group/emergency calls, or maximising your encryption services.

Thinking of investing in a brand-new two-way radio integrated with 4G LTE? Talk to NRC today about your options. We can work with you to help you get a radio system perfect for your requirements. For more information on any of our two-way radio products get in touch with our team here.

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